Shred Report

January 17, 2009

Day Seven

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I was very late today, but I did it! Seven days in a row! I deserve a reward of some sort!

Today was a bit tougher than yesterday, though it may be because I had a bit of a cramp because I ate dinner before shredding. I also tried to work a little harder today. Still able to do it all, though I was ready to quit during the shoulder lifts. I had to switch to my 2 lb weights for that. Still using my 2 lb weights for the squat and press, and I’m too scared to give that up.

Since I’ve been doing this a whole week, I think I can do a bit of a critique. For the most part I like it so far. I still haven’t even looked at levels 2 or 3, but level 1 is good. My problems with it are minor. It really bugs the crap out of me that Jillian waits until the second rep to tell you what she doesn’t want to see. You do 30 seconds of dumbbell rows but she doesn’t mention incorrect stance at all until the second 30 seconds. This isn’t a HUGE problem after the first couple of times, but the reminder of incorrect stances still helps me and would help better right off. Second, and this isn’t even a complaint, really, just something I notice every time, but Natalie cheats during the static lunges. When Jillian is over with Anita, Natalie thinks the camera isn’t on her, and stops doing the lunges and just does the biceps curls. This really cracks me up because Jillian goes on about how they don’t even cheat when she’s not looking. Yeah, right.


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