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January 12, 2009

Day Two

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Today was not so easy. It’s probably a combination of me still being a bit wiped out from yesterday and using the 5 lb weights for everything but the squats, but in the second circuit I was ready to stop. The third circuit is easiest, so once I got to that it got better, but I really wasn’t so sure I was going to make it to there. As long as I push through the first week it should get easier, right? At the moment I can’t imagine ever moving up to level 2. Maybe I’ll do the 90 day shred. Three 30 day shreds, one at each level. Because once I’m comfortable with level 1, I can’t imagine willingly making it harder for myself. I feel like if I did I wouldn’t get through the month.

But onward and upward. Today is over and tomorrow will be better. Maybe.


January 11, 2009

Day One

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Sunday Weigh-in #1

Sunday Weigh-in #1

Weight: 146.2 lb
Body fat: 46.5 lb
Body fat %: 31.8%
Bone mass: 6.5%
Water %: 49.8%
BMI: 26.9

Day one was supposed to be a week ago, but I sorta tried to start and failed miserably. I got through the strength portion and had nothing left for the cardio, and that was just on the first circuit. So I gave up and decided I would go get some lighter weights and start this right.

So I did the whole thing today and it wasn’t impossible by any means. It was HARD, don’t get me wrong, but at no point did I feel the need to stop. I think switching from the 5 lb dumbbells to 2 lb was a good idea for the squats in the first strength circuit. But I should probably have them handy for the rest of the workout, because while the 2 lbers felt just right for the squats, most of the rest of the strength exercises I could have used heavier weights. 

I completely suck at pushups. I keep my butt way up in the air, and I know I need to work on that, but I think I’ll work up to that, since it’s just about impossible for me otherwise.

Overall, I’m feeling really good about day one, and can’t wait for day two.


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I’m 25, and have been pretty skinny for the past three or four years, which is a combination of starting Strattera and having undiagnosed celiac disease. I was down to almost unhealthily skinny for a bit, which I didn’t mind after spending most of my adolescence a bit overweight. (My top weight ever was 165, and I’m 5’2″, but I usually was around 155.) Of course, looking back at pictures from my skinniest period is rather scary. I was not well, and it was obvious. 

I didn’t stay at the extreme skinniness for long, and settled into a nice weight of between 125 and 130. A little more than I really wanted, but I was happy with it. Of course, I got nearly no exercise and didn’t feel healthy. (Though all my blood work is completely perfect and there’s nothing wrong with me that a gluten free diet doesn’t take care of.) 

Then the Jewish holidays came and I went to my step mother’s where she fed me way too much food and I put on like 10 pounds. I came home determined to start an exercise program and started Couch to 5k which I liked a lot, until about week four, where I had to run five minutes straight. At that point it began to be too much for me, and I got discouraged. I did like running a lot, and I want to get back into that again, but I’ve always been terrified of running due to bad knees to begin with, so I figure it’s better for me to get a bit more fit before starting that again.

So I found the 30 Day Shred and I’m going to be doing it for the next thirty days, come hell or high water. I hope.

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