Shred Report

January 15, 2009


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I’m going to start keeping track of what I’m eating here. Trying to see where it is I’m going wrong.

Breakfast: Corn flakes (carb) with skim milk (protein), 1 tangerine 

Lunch: Soup: chickpea (protein), carrot (veggie), sweet potato (carb)

Dinner: poached salmon (protein), a very small bit of rice pasta (carb) with a bit of parmesan to mask the taste, broccoli (veggie) 

I know I need to drink more water, which I’m working on. I ordered a BPA free 1 liter water bottle and my goal will be to drink two of those a day. That will be more than my 8 cups. Of course, according to my step mother everyone should drink half their weight in ounces. That would be 73 oz, or just over 9 cups for me. But I think 2 liters will suffice. I’m drinking as much as I can in the mean time. 

I’ve also started a new vitamin regimen. 1 multi, 1 iron, 1 teaspoon B-complex, 1 tablespoon flax seed oil. The multi has 200% DV folic acid, which I want. It also has 10mg iron, and the iron supplement has 9mg. Together that’s about 100% DV. Considering I was taking 300mg daily for a while there, this is nothing. Celiac is an absorption problem, so it’s better for me to be safe than sorry, particularly since anemia is my greatest foe. 

I also know I should probably add a snack in there. I’m not good with the whole frequent small meals thing. There’s a bit too much work involved.


January 14, 2009

Day Four

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Successfully did day four before work! I’m getting good at this motivation thing. But the pain! Yesterday I was in so much pain all through work. I couldn’t reach down to pick up my mouse without cringing. But the pain went away during the actual workout. It came back full force immediately after, but at least I got through the workout without completely falling apart. 

Today’s workout was still hard. I’ve decided it never gets easy. It stays hard hard hard the whole time so that you actually get results. At least that’s what I’m telling myself to get myself through the twenty minutes when I desperately want to stop. 

I’ve been reading about how a lot of people don’t lose much weight doing the 30 day shred. I know there’s a lot of diet that needs to be involved, and I am watching what I’m eating a bit, though I’m not really modifying too much. I have such a restricted diet to begin with, thanks to my celiac, so I don’t feel like I should be punishing myself further. But I’m eating a big breakfast (today I had 2 eggs, scrambled), a good lunch (today it was vegetable soup), and a nice dinner (I’m thinking I’ll get some fish on my way home and something green). I’m trying to get lots and lots of water, and I don’t drink much else, except the occasional coffee. (Whoops, I had a vanilla iced latte with lunch. That was probably enough calories for all of lunch…) Hopefully I’ll see some results tomorrow for my weigh-in. (I cheated and weighed myself on Monday and had lost half a pound. We’ll see if that continued.) 

So feeling much better about the shred today than yesterday. Here’s to 26 more days!

January 11, 2009


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I’m 25, and have been pretty skinny for the past three or four years, which is a combination of starting Strattera and having undiagnosed celiac disease. I was down to almost unhealthily skinny for a bit, which I didn’t mind after spending most of my adolescence a bit overweight. (My top weight ever was 165, and I’m 5’2″, but I usually was around 155.) Of course, looking back at pictures from my skinniest period is rather scary. I was not well, and it was obvious. 

I didn’t stay at the extreme skinniness for long, and settled into a nice weight of between 125 and 130. A little more than I really wanted, but I was happy with it. Of course, I got nearly no exercise and didn’t feel healthy. (Though all my blood work is completely perfect and there’s nothing wrong with me that a gluten free diet doesn’t take care of.) 

Then the Jewish holidays came and I went to my step mother’s where she fed me way too much food and I put on like 10 pounds. I came home determined to start an exercise program and started Couch to 5k which I liked a lot, until about week four, where I had to run five minutes straight. At that point it began to be too much for me, and I got discouraged. I did like running a lot, and I want to get back into that again, but I’ve always been terrified of running due to bad knees to begin with, so I figure it’s better for me to get a bit more fit before starting that again.

So I found the 30 Day Shred and I’m going to be doing it for the next thirty days, come hell or high water. I hope.

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